In the previous video, we calculated overtime automatically for all employees who work beyond planned work hours. But often my employees leave a little late as they have to do clean up after work. If an employee leaves later than planned, I don’t want to consider it as overtime if the extra work duration is less than 30 minutes. This help document describes how you can configure Lenvica HRMS to get this done.

I had automated overtime calculations for my employees as per the previous video.

But now I have an issue; the software is considering all the extra work as overtime, whereas, I only want to consider it as overtime if the employee has extra work of at least 30 minutes.

Overtime hours

This employee has worked 3 hours of overtime this week. But, as you see, on three days the employee has worked less than 30 minutes of extra time, and I don’t want to consider this as overtime.

Overtime Attendance

Step 1: Configure Overtime Settings

In my company, we allow an employee to work overtime only after his scheduled work hours. So, I’m going to set the ‘Grace period after work end time’ as 30 minutes. Now, if the employee works beyond the planned work hours for less than 30 minutes, the time will be shown as normal work time. Also, if the employee works beyond the planned work hours for more than 30 minutes, it will be marked as overtime.

Overtime with Grace Period

Step 2: Re-import Attendance Data

Now, as we want this change to be applied to the attendance data in the past, let’s do a reimport of attendance data.

Attendance Data

Step 3: Review overtime under the Attendance Screen


As you see, extra work of less than 30 minutes is shown as normal work time. Extra work of more than 30 minutes is marked as Overtime. Now, the overtime for the week has come down to 2 hours.

And the overtime for the month is 11 Hours.

Monthly attendance data

Step 4: Review the Current Payslip

Let’s take a look at the current overtime figures in the payslip for the employee. The employee has clocked 12 hours of overtime


Step 5: Re-process Payroll

Now, let’s re-process payroll for the employee to check how the change affects the overtime calculation.

Payroll process

As you see, overtime hours has come down to 11 hours.

That’s all. We have successfully configured Lenvica HRMS to consider only extra work of 30 minutes and above as overtime.

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