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A few of Our Clients from the Energy, Oil and Gas Industry

Holtec International

Holtec International

Holtec Asia is a vertically-integrated company of engineers and manufacturing experts that provides state-of-the-art technologies to the solar, petrochemical, geothermal and fossil power industries.



Acciona is the biggest energy operator in the world that works exclusively with renewable energies. The company manufactures wind turbines and is also involved in the marketing of biofuels.

4G Time Attendance Devices

Capture attendance data from sites with no internet

Time Attendance Device

Basic infrastructure such as internet may not be available in an oil rig or well. 4G Time Attendance devices enables you to capture attendance in real-time from your head office even when there is no internet in the site.

IP65 rated devices

For dusty and rainy outdoor work environment

Sites in the oil and gas industry are usually harsh outdoor environments and may not have permanent shelters to house time attendance devices. You may be forced to capture attendance from employees working outdoors; IP65 rated Time Attendance devices are here to help, these devices can withstand the sun, the rain and dusty environments.

Attendance software construction Industry IP65 rated device

Portable Time Attendance Devices

Carry the devices to any work environment where your employees are!

Attendance software construction Industry portable time attendance device

When your construction or maintenance work location changes frequently you may need a mobile Time Attendance device to capture attendance data from the location your employees are in. A Mobile attendance device allows you to carry the device with you where ever you go to capture attendance data whenever required; when you are back at the office, the data gets synchronized with the attendance software. If you have 4G mobile devices, the data can synchronize in real-time.

Zone wise Attendance Analytic Reports

Attendance software Manufacturing Industry analytic report

Even when you have multiple sites in different geographical locations, AttendHRM gives you real-time information on employee availability. You can group multiple time attendance devices into a zone to get data on how many employees were available at any given zone at a given time. This enables you to ensure that you have enough workers available in your factories as a shift starts.

With attendance, Leave, Holiday, Shift & Overtime data in ONE interface

Attendance Software

The Attendance Software gives you an excellent interface with data from different modules for each employee. The Leave module brings in Approved Leave and Holiday data. The Roster module brings in the daily work plans. The data coming from Device module is processed with reference to the Company Policy to make it meaningful to users. The Employee Self Service module brings in attendance corrections requested by the employees. The Attendance Summary is directly integrated with Payroll for processing without manual intervention.

Shift Detect

Identifies Employee Shifts automatically

Attendance Software

If your work environment requires your employees to change shifts very often, the Attendance Software can detect the shift changes automatically and place the employee in the appropriate shift to calculate lateness, overtime, absence and much more.

A Web Portal for Employees to record Time and Attendance, check work plans, request
leaves & holidays, view payslips and much more!


Shift Management

Make shift changes from Mobile Phones

Shift Management

The Employee Self Service allows your managers to assign shifts to employees or make shift changes from their mobile phones; this could be very handy if you have to change employee shifts very often.

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Online Punching

Punch IN/OUT from Mobile Phones

Attendance software construction Industry online-punching

If you have employees travelling to meet customers, you may have to accept attendance data from mobile phones. The Employee Self Service allows your employees to clock in from their mobile phones. As employees clock in you also get the geographical coordinates from the location your employees are in; this allows you to ensure that your employees are in the location where you expect them to be.

Attendance Summary for your Payroll

Payroll in ESS - Payslip in ESS

The Attendance Software summarizes data from your time attendance devices in a format appropriate for your payroll system. This integration with payroll is fully automated and requires no manual intervention. The software automatically generates payslips from clock in, clock out data received from your employees.

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Automated Overtime Calculation

Fully automated; no manual intervention from punches to payroll

Overtime Management Software

Define your overtime rules for each group of employees, and the software will automatically process overtime wages every pay period. Just ensure employees are clocking in and out properly and overtime calculation can be fully automated.

Critical information in real-time for the Top Management

Provides a high level overview and allows drill down to the lowest level of detail

Overtime Management Software

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