Overtime Management Software

Fully Automated Overtime Calculation for all your employees with absolutely no manual intervention!

How can you automate Overtime Calculations?

1. Define your overtime rules

The software understands your overtime rules and allows you to configure different overtime rules for different groups of employees.

You may have the following or similar overtime rules:

  • Beyond 8 hours of work is overtime
  • Work beyond 6PM is overtime
  • Work on a Holiday is special overtime to be paid at double the normal rate
  • Work on a Weekend is to be paid at 1.5 times normal overtime rate
  • Less than 30 minutes of extra work is not considered as Overtime
  • Overtime can only be done after regular work time
  • Overtime is not applicable to certain departments or employee types
  • More than 2 hours of overtime is to be paid at a different rate
  • Overtime at 125% on Saturdays and Overtime at 150% on Sundays
  • Pay a special allowance for work on Night Shifts

2. Connect the software to Time Attendance Devices

AttendHRM supports multiple Time Attendance Devices. The communication with devices is fully automated even when they are in different geographical locations. The software picks data from devices in almost real-time. Connect once, and you can forget the devices; if a device fails to communicate, the software will notify you!

3. Process Payroll

At the end of each salary period, just process payroll, and overtime will be calculated as per the payroll and overtime rules defined! During this process, the software generates Payslips and also overtime reports.

Overtime Management Software

Employee Self Service

A Web Portal for Employees to record Time and Attendance, check work plans, request leaves & holidays, view payslips and much more!

Overtime Management Software


Critical information in real-time for the Top Management

Provides a high level overview and allows drill down to the lowest level of detail

Overtime Management Software

Overtime on Week off and Holiday

AttendHRM can mark overtime on Week Off of Holiday as ‘Overtime on Holiday’. This allows you to pay Overtime on Holiday at a special rate.

Overtime Management Software



Overtime Management Software designed for Small to Large Organizations


Appropriate for small companies
with a single user.
Designed to work in one PC.
Managed by Client.


Appropriate for small to large companies
with multiple users.
Hosted In-House.
Managed by Client.


Appropriate for small to large companies
with multiple users.
Hosted on Cloud Servers.
Managed by Lenvica.

Overtime Management Software

Designed for Small to Large Organizations

Global Overtime Management Software

Now serving customers from more than 30 countries

Global Overtime Management Software

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