Sometimes, my employees work beyond planned hours and then I want to pay them for their extra work. I want this overtime calculation to be fully automated and paid along with employee salaries. This help document describes how you can configure Lenvica HRMS to get this done.

Step 1: Configure Overtime Settings

Ensure that overtime is enabled under ‘Attendance Import Settings’. When this option is enabled, the system will automatically mark work beyond planned time as overtime.


Step 2: Review overtime under the Attendance Screen

Overtime Day View

Over here, you see that the system has automatically marked the extra time as ‘Overtime’.

Week View Overtime

As you see, this employee has worked 11 hours of overtime this week.

Let me change to the Month View

Month View Overtime

As you see, the employee has worked 43 hours of overtime this month.

Now, I’m going to show you how to configure the payroll structures to fully automate overtime pay for all my employees

Step 3: Create a formula for ‘Hourly Rate’

Let us configure the payroll structure of the employee to calculate ‘Hourly Rate’.

Hourly Rate

Step 4: Create a formula for ‘Overtime Pay’

In my company, we pay 1.5 times of hourly rate for overtime.

Overtime Pay

Where ‘Overtime Hours’ is the total hours of overtime you see on the attendance screen.

Step 5: Process Payroll

Let’s process payroll for one employee to check how the overtime calculation appears.

Overtime Calculation

As you see, overtime is calculated as 6000. Here is the formula based on which overtime pay is calculated. Now, the calculation history shows the values applied to the formula.

Calculation Overtime Pay

The overtime hours you see here are taken from the attendance summary for the month.

Step 6: Process payroll for all employees

As the formula we just configured appears correct for one employee, let’s process payroll for all employees.

Salary Processing

Step 7: Review Salary Register for Overtime pay

Salary Register for Overtime pay

That’s all. We have successfully configured overtime pay for all employees. The system will automatically calculate overtime pay for all pay periods from now onwards.

Fully Automated Attendance!
No manual intervention!
100% Accuracy!