HR, Payroll, Time Attendance Software for Manufacturing Industry

A few of Our Clients from the Manufacturing Industry



A.O. Smith is a global leader in water heaters with a rich legacy of more than 145 years. The company has made many innovations on water heateing and purification technology.



Flowserve Corporation is the largest suppliers of industrial and environmental machinery such as pumps, valves to the power, oil, gas, chemical and other industries.



Trelleborg is a global engineering group and a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments.

Turnstiles for Factories

Capture accurate Attendance Data

TS2100 - Single Lane Tripod Turnstiles

When you are managing a large workforce, you have to ensure that the attendance is accurate; turnstiles enable you to do that. Turnstiles can be installed at factory entrances and exits to capture attendance from a large workforce.

Zone wise Attendance Analytic Reports

Attendance software Manufacturing Industry analytic report

Even when you have multiple factories in different geographical locations, AttendHRM gives you real-time information on employee availability. You can group multiple time attendance devices into a zone to get data on how many employees were available at any given zone at a given time. This enables you to ensure that you have enough workers available in your factories as a shift starts.

Shift Detect

Identifies Employee Shifts automatically

Shift Planner with Shift detect

If your work environment requires your employees to change shifts very often, the Attendance Software can detect the shift changes automatically and place the employee in the appropriate shift to calculate lateness, overtime, absence and much more.

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Shift Management

Make shift changes from Mobile Phones

Shift Management

The Employee Self Service allows your managers to assign shifts to employees or make shift changes from their mobile phones; this could be very handy if you have to change employee shifts very often.

Online Punching

Punch IN/OUT from Mobile Phones

Attendance software construction Industry online-punching

If you have employees travelling to meet customers, you may have to accept attendance data from mobile phones. The Employee Self Service allows your employees to clock in from their mobile phones. As employees clock in you also get the geographical coordinates from the location your employees are in; this allows you to ensure that your employees are in the location where you expect them to be.

Attendance Summary for your Payroll

Attendance software for construction industry attendance summary

The Attendance Software summarizes data from your time attendance devices in format appropriate for your payroll system. This integration with payroll is fully automated and requires no manual intervention. The software automatically generates payslips from clock in, clock out data received from your employees.

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Automated Overtime Calculation

Fully automated; no manual intervention from punches to payroll

Overtime Management Software

Define your overtime rules for each group of employees, and the software will automatically process overtime wages every pay period. Just ensure employees are clocking in and out properly and overtime calculation can be fully automated.

A Web Portal for Employees to record Time and Attendance, check work plans, request
leaves & holidays, view payslips and much more!


Critical information in real-time for the Top Management

Provides a high level overview and allows drill down to the lowest level of detail

Payroll in Management Information System

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