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    Salient features of the Employee Self Service

    Attendance Regularization

    Attendance Regularization enables employees to correct their own attendance. Employees can view their own attendance and if any changes are required, they can raise a request on ESS to correct the attendance.

    Attendance Regularization ESS
    Online Punching in ESS

    Online Punching

    Online Punching enables employees to mark attendance even when they are travelling. Employees can Clock In & Clock Out with GPS location. This allows managers to track employee travel paths.

    Payslips Online

    Publish employee payslips online for employees to access and print any time. The employee self service portal displays payslips for all time. Alternatively, payslips can be sent to employees over email.

    Payslips Online in the ESS
    Leave Approval and Leave Application in ESS

    Leave Application and Approval

    Allows employees to apply for leaves from Mobile Phones, Desktops or Kiosks. Also lets the managers to approve or reject requests from Mobile Phones. Employees and Managers can use the system even when they are out of office.

    Shift Details on Phone

    Employees can view their shift details from their Mobile Phones. This allows managers to easily notify employees about frequent shift changes. Shift calendar allows employees to have an over view of their shifts for the month.

    Details of Shift on Phone
    Income Tax Declaration in ESS

    Income Tax Declaration

    Allows employees to make TDS Declarations online. HR users can utilize this data while processing payroll. Saves a lot of time, as the HR users don’t have to key-in data for all employees. Employees can also update the data when required.

    Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

    • HR Documents

    • Employee Documents

    • Employee Hierarchy

    • Birthday and Anniversary Alerts

    • Online Punching

    • Graphical Attendance View

    • Notification on Holidays

    • Leave Balances

    • Attendance Regularization

    • Attendance Summary for Payroll

    • Shift Timetable

    • Shift Calendar

    • Online and Offline Punches

    • Subordinate Availability

    • Subordinate Approvals

    • Subordinate Shift Planner

    • Leave Calendar

    • Holiday Picker

    • Leave Application

    • Compensatory Work and Off

    • View or print Payslips

    • Income Tax Declarations

    • Income Tax Calculation Summary

    • Income Tax History

    Benefits of Employee Self Service

    Reduces Costs: Employee Self Service has direct impact on the administrative costs. No more printing payslips and reports.

    Improves efficiency: Employees can view attendance before it gets processed for payroll, they can also raise requests to make corrections on attendance; this eliminates the need for correction in payslips.

    Enhances Communication: Employees can make requests for documents like Experience Certificates, Attendance Corrections, Leave, Holiday, Vacation, and so on. This results in easier communication among employee, manager and HR team. The organization can communicate policies by sharing them on the Employee Self Service Portal.

    Provides Transparency: Employees can view their daily attendance on a graphical interface; this helps them to ensure that the company has captured the right data to process payroll.

    Eliminates Paper: Employee Self Service enables employees, managers and HR to communicate over electronic media rather than on paper. Save paper, go green!

    Saves time: Employee Self Service enables employees to make requests from mobile phones and also allows managers to approve requests from mobile phones; this saves a lot of time compared to paper based approval system.

    Enables Instant Decision Making: Employee Self Service provides detailed data to managers and HR to make instant decisions. For eg: when a manager is about to approve a leave request, the ESS provides details about the employee’s leave balance, snapshot of attendance for the requested period, list of subordinates on leave in the same period, and so on.

    Employee Self Service

    Designed for Small to Large Organizations

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