Payslip is basically a report giving details of the money earned periodically by an employee under wages or salary and the deductions applicable such as Loss of pay, Taxes, Pension contributions etc are also mentioned in the payslip. Payslips are distributed among employees to pass information regarding the net pay they earn as salary and also as a proof of record for the transfer.

Employees can be granted access to their payslips in different ways. The old custom is sharing the hard copies directly to the employees, further advanced means include sharing the digital copies through email and providing the online access to payslips. With AttendHRM, all three means of sharing are possible.

How to print or email Payslips?

AttendHRM is designed to process salary for your employees in minutes. Salary processing in AttendHRM generates payslips report under Salary reports. This report allows you to print or email payslips as shown in the video link below.

How to check the payslips online?

Online access to the payslips for each employee is made possible through the online portal of AttendHRM called Employee Self Service. Login to ESS and move to ‘Payroll’ screen through the RHS menu. Users can find the list of payslips sorted Salary Period wise. Click on any salary period to view the payslip of that particular period. The video below explains how ESS users can access their payslips online.

Close salary period to make the payslip visible in Employee Self Service

The payslips become visible to employees through employee self service only when the salary period corresponding to it is closed in AttendHRM. When the salary period is open, the payslips will remain inaccessible and hence not listed in ESS albeit the processing is completeĀ and the payslips are generated in the AttendHRM application.