Income Tax Liability

Income Tax Liability is the total amount of tax you are liable to pay to the government. It is calculated as sum of Income Tax, Surcharge and Health & Education cess.

Let’s find out how you can calculate Tax Liability from Income Tax using an online income tax calculator.

Step 1: Open the Income Tax Calculator

Step 2: Fill in Basic Details

Income Tax Liability

Step 3: Key in your Salary Details

Copy the earnings and deductions from your payslip to appropriate salary heads listed.

Salary Earnings
Salary Deduction

Step 4: Declare your investments

Income Tax Liability

Step 5: Compute Income Tax

 Compute Income Tax Liability

Step 6: Calculation of Tax Liability

View Calculation Summary to find how Tax Liability is calculated from Income Tax

Tax Liability is calculated as Income Tax + Surcharge + Health and education cess. The calculation is the same for old and new regime.

 Income Tax Liability

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Surcharge is applicable if the taxable income is more than 50 lakhs. Surcharge is calculated as 10% of income tax if taxable income is between 50 lakhs and 1 Crore and so on as described here.

Health and education cess is calculated as 4% of income tax as described here.

The income tax calculator helps you understand the tax calculation process and also helps you save tax by letting you experiment your investment declarations. The income tax calculator advises you on how to save maximum tax.