What is Attendance Management?

Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence of the workforce in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee downtime. Attendance management system is done to develop a willingness on the part of all employees to attend work regularly, to assist them in motivating their co-workers to attend work regularly, to monitor the attendance of employees, to keep track of employee’s performance etc.

Need for Attendance management

How much time your employees, your managers and your payroll staff spend on simply managing time? The costs associated with this one task can stagger. Between punching clocks, setting schedules, enforcing schedules, absence management, payroll processing etc, inefficient time attendance management will turn out to be a black hole that sucks a company’s bottom line of earnings.

What is the solution?

Time and Attendance Software

Yes, Time and Attendance software is the only way out to manage attendance efficiently and prevent the loss. The most valuable asset to any successful company is their workforce. Yet many companies still utilize out-dated and unreliable methods in time – attendance management incurring losses although they spend a fortune for the purpose.

Advantages of Time Attendance Management in AttendHRM

  • Time saving

  • Manage critical employee information easily

  • Easy work force scheduling

  • Monitoring the attendance efficiently

  • Monitoring absence, leaves, overtime, late comers, early goers etc

  • Monitoring employee’s performance

  • Integrate with payroll for easy and faster payroll processing

  • Integrate with biometric/swipe card devices to generate attendance information automatically

With all the above features and advantages, AttendHRM-Time and Attendance software is the best solution for managing attendance efficiently. It will be a one-time investment for life long usage.

Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting, which maximizes and motivates employee attendance thereby minimizing loss. If you are on loss due to employee downtime, then it is time to opt for a good time attendance managing system.

A few reasons to implement an attendance management software

1. Saves you lots of time and money

Managing attendance manually is a very tedious and time-consuming process. As the number of employees grow the task becomes quiet more exhausting. Similarly, the entire operation can also prove to be very costly in case you decide to hire a professional agency for this purpose. By using a attendance management software, all this can be automated.

2. Promotes optimal and consistent attendance at work

Once you start using time attendance management software, you have each employees work record for every minute. That is you have the exact performance record for each employee. This in turn ensures the employees maintain consistent performance i.e. attendance.

3. Ensures proper utilization of the human resource capital

Manual employee scheduling is another hassle in attendance management. Proper allocation of manpower to different departments and fields of work is really important for a good outcome. This can be made possible by using employee scheduling or work planning incorporated with a good attendance management software.

4. Ensures maximum productivity

Ensuring that every single minute of constructive work is recorded and rewarded properly will act as a motivation for the employees who will then strive to put in greater efforts and hence enhance the overall productivity of your business.

A good time attendance management software can automate the following for you

  • Accumulate the attendance data for each employee from the time attendance device.

  • Automatically mark in time, out time, overtime, late entries, early outs, absence, leaves etc.

  • Overtime, work time and leave management.

  • Load attendance data into payroll software for payroll processing

  • Generate reports on attendance, leave, overtime, holiday and so on.

  • Efficient work planning/scheduling for employees.

An automated attendance management software will not only make the entire process simple, it will also provide a well-structured and analyzed report of the pattern of employee attendance and time management, which can further help you in allocating and using the human resources in your organization to the maximum possible benefit.

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