Managing a large number of employees is not easy!

  • Your employees may be working from different locations

  • at different shift times

  • some may work overtime

  • some are travelling often

And they have different requirements:

  • some want to go on vacation

  • some are sick

  • some are working from home

As a manager, tracking your employees and keeping them happy at the same time is not that easy!

But, hopefully, we have software solutions to help you manage your employees efficiently!

Attendance Management System

An Attendance management system is a must have tool to manage your workforce.

An attendance management system,

brings attendance data from different locations to a centralized server

Attendance Management Software

interprets attendance data to make it more meaningful for humans

Attendance Management Software

aids better communication between employees and managers

Employee Attendance Management System

gives you notifications and alerts

Attendance Management System - Notification

gives your managers enough information to monitor their subordinates

Attendance Management System

generates attendance summary to pass on to payroll

Attendance Management System

provides information to the top management to make quick decisions!

Automated Attendance Management System

How many hours do you spend a month
on summarizing your employee attendance? Not negligible?

A fully automated Attendance Management System makes it easy for you to track and monitor your workforce no matter how large they are!