Yearly reports with Details and Summary of Salary for a financial year.

Let’s first take a look at the Yearly Salary Details for the current Financial year.

Yearly Salary
Yearly Salary Details

Step 1: Pick the year

Yearly Salary Details and Summary

Step 2: Pick Employees

Month wise Salary data

Step 3: Click Finish to generate report

whole Financial year

The report shows Month wise Salary data for the whole Financial year. The report includes all earnings and deductions for each Salary Period.

Now, let’s go to the Yearly Summary Report.

Salary Period

Step 1: Pick the year

Salary data

Step 2: Pick Employees

Financial year

Step 3: Click Finish to generate the report

Salary Period

The report shows employee wise Salary for each month in the selected Financial Year. Also includes a grand total of Salary paid to the employee.

Salary Summary