Earlier companies used to transfer salary directly to employee’s bank account. After inception of WPS Kerala, company has to notify the WPS system to initiate salary transfer. The Wage Protection System in turn informs the bank to transfer the salary to employee’s account.

Step 1: Process Salary

I’m going to quickly process salary for May 2022

First, let’s create a Salary Period

WPS Kerala - Salary Transfer

Now, let’s process salary for all employees

WPS Kerala - Transfer Salary
WPS Kerala - Transfer Salary

Processing is complete for 1000 employees.

Pay slips are also ready!

WPS Kerala - Pay slip

Step 2: Prepare Salary Upload File for WPS Kerala

Wage Protection System requires the Salary Upload File to be in a predefined format. With Lenvica HRMS, you can prepare the file in almost no time.
Let me show you how?

Let’s open the report to generate the WPS Upload file.

WPS Kerala - Wage Upload

Now, the salary upload file is ready!

WPS Upload file

Step 3: Upload the Salary File to WPS Kerala

Login to the WPS Portal

WPS Kerala

Go to Wage Upload and upload the Salary File

WPS Kerala - Wage Upload
WPS Kerala - Upload Salary File

Then, lock the File

WPS Kerala - Lock Salary File
WPS Kerala - Lock the Wage Upload File

Now, the file is locked.

Then, go to Wage Calculation.

WPS Kerala - Wage Calculation

Pick the recently uploaded period.

WPS Kerala - Select Salary Period

And, lock again. After locking, editing is not allowed.

WPS Kerala - Lock Wage Details

Step 4: Initiate Salary Transfer through WPS Kerala

Go to Wage Transfer

WPS Kerala - Wage Transfer

Verify Salary and then Transfer Salary.

WPS Kerala - Verify Salary
WPS Kerala - Transfer Salary

Key in the OTP to confirm transfer.

WPS Kerala - Confirm Salary Transfer

Now, you have successfully transferred salary to all your employees through the Wage Protection system. You will get a notification from your bank when the actual salary transfer occurs.

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It’s recommended to use Lenvica HRMS to prepare the wage upload file as it saves you a lot of time, and the file will be in the exact format as required by the Wage Protection System.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wage Protection System in Kerala?

Wage Protection System(WPS) is web portal provided by the labour commissionerate that allows employers to transfer salaries to employee bank accounts. The system also enables the government to monitor the process to ensure that employees receive benefits as per statutory rules and regulations.

How does the WPS system benefit the employees?

The WPS system makes it mandatory for employers to pay employees regularly, and the system also ensures that the minimum wages as per employee’s designation is paid.

What is the objective of Wage Protection System?

Objective of the WPS System is to ensure that there is transparency in the dealings between the employer and the employee and the Minimum Wages is ensured to all employees, also enabling the Labour Department Officials to effectively monitor salary payments.

Is WPS mandatory in Kerala?

The Labour Commissionerate eventually wants every employer to pay salaries through the WPS system. Also, it’s mandatory for employers to pay salaries regularly adhering to the minimum wages act.