Holiday Management

The video shows an overview of the Holiday Management System in Attend HRM.

Attend HRM includes a simple, but efficient Holiday Management System. The system allows you to define your own holiday types. You can assign holidays to the company, selected branches, departments or even employees. The video shows an overview of the Holiday Management System in Attend HRM.

How to Create a Regular Work Plan?

Regular work planner allows the user to create a non-shift duty work plan for employees, for whole department or for whole branch.

The regular work planner overview screen has three tabs. These tabs list the employees, departments and branches respectively. Regular work planner of an employee, department or branch can be opened by using the detail button after selecting the employee, department or branch from the list respectively.

How to Create a Shift Pattern?

Shift pattern is a generic, reusable work pattern created using the Shift day program. A shift pattern is employee independent. There is no direct relation between the shift pattern and the employees. So it becomes reusable. The shift pattern is used to create work plans for employees in shift duties.

AttendHRM will create a matrix with Days against shift timings. The watches can be applied to the matrix as required. The batches are named ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ etc in alphabetical order. Every cell of the matrix has the facility to select the batch from a drop-down list.

After creating the matrix, the pattern can be stored. This pattern can be used for creating the shift work plans.

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