Pick your time attendance devices

You can choose time attendance devices from our range of biometric devices (hand punch devices, fingerprint devices), and proximity card readers (RFID Devices) from various manufacturers. Our software products support different devices, allowing you to select time attendance, access control devices of your choice.

If you find it difficult to choose the right time attendance devices, please contact us with your requirement, and our support team will respond to you at the earliest with the best suggestions.

Fingerprint Time Attendance  Devices

Fingerprint Time Attendance Devices Fingerprint scanning is currently the most widely used biometric technology. It relies on the uniqueness in human fingerprints. It is estimated that the likelihood of two individuals having the same fingerprint is less than one in a billion. A fingerprint Time & Attendance Device ensures high security, high reliability, no proxy attendance and no error.

Proximity Card Readers(RFID Time Attendance  Devices)

RFID Time Attendance Devices RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) is a rapidly growing and most widely preferred technology of today’s Automatic identification and Data Capture industry. RFID based fingerprint time attendance & access control system will accurately and reliably record your employees’ clocking data. The benefits of using RFID Time & Attendance will include improved labor efficiencies, better inventory management, improved product integrity and reduced shrinkage’s amongst numerous other potential benefits.

Face Recognition Time Attendance Devices

Face Recognition Time Attendance Devices Face recognition technology helps in checking a person’s identity by comparing the face images with previously registered face images. A face recognition device will scan and verify the face within a second. If the system registers a match, then it automatically stores the attendance. Face recognition device is a clear cut method for cost cutting by eliminating proxy punching. Face recognition is based on ‘No Touch’ technology. This makes them less prone to physical damage.

Hand Punch Time Attendance Devices

Hand Punch Devices Hand geometry readers positively identify users by the shape and size of their hands. Hand Readers provide a fail-safe method to ensure that the person who enters isn’t merely carrying someone else’s access card or PIN. For time and attendance, Hand Readers improve payroll accuracy and reduce costs by eliminating “buddy-punching” and removing the cost and administrative problems of badges. For identification applications, Hand Readers guarantee that people are actually who they say they are. It’s easy to use, accepted more readily by users, more accurate and much harder to deceive than other biometric technologies.