A work schedule, often referred as rota or roster in the HR circle is a list of employees and information related to their work timings, location of employment etc for a given period of time e.g. weekly, monthly

The process in AttendHRM roster management software of creating a work schedule for your employees is called roster management. A good roster plan (or employee shift schedule) ensures that each shift has enough employees to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. A good employee schedule also prevents anyone from getting into an accident at work because of exhaustion, which means your roster plan can also be reinforced to keep your employees safe and healthy. A great employee shift schedule also prevents disorganisation and wastefulness. A good roster management help the company to meet the needs of your business, you maximise your resources and significantly improve your day-to-day operations, both of which will always translate into better profits

Roster Management is critical for companies that work on multiple shifts. When there are employees working in different shifts in different time zones, you need to have a system with which you can track who is in which shift. Employee roster management software makes it easy to map employees to various shifts and to communicate to employees on time. Using AttendHRM, you can automate rosters and save time and avoid confusions and double-work. Shift Management in AttendHRM cconsists of the parts as listed below.

Types of Rosters

Rosters and their patterns are different for every company. Some companies follow fixed day time rosters whereas companies in production sector prefer rotating shifts to increase the productivty and keep the factory running 24X7. The basic classification of rosters are given below.

Roster Management in AttendHRM

Managing rosters of employees is as important as any other management task in employment. Only with proper roster management, company can estimate the work time, overtime, late-in etc of employees and make the pay out for work done. AttendHRM easily helps users to update rosters of staff on the software. It can manage fixed rosters, rotating rosters etc. Software supports roster import using excel files too. Furthermore, automatic shift detect is a feature that detects rosters worked by employees based on their clock in and clock out information. Review below the three methods of roster management in AttendHRM.