AttendHRM lets the user to lock the attendance of employees until the desired date and time. This helps in preserving the attendance of employees from the unwanted changes occurring either due to manual interference or via online employee self service. For e.g. it is not likely to make changes in the attendance once the payroll has been rolled out for any particular month. If left unlocked, then chances are that employees might apply for a leave that was availed in that month and mistakenly the manager would approve the same which alters the attendance data from what was referred for processing the payroll of that particular month.

Bio-metric Devices

Lock Attendance

  • In ‘Attendance’ module, go to Attendance Settings -> General tab. Use check mark to activate the option to lock attendance. Choose the date until which the attendance has to be locked as shown in the video above. Save the settings.

A few Devices compatible with the HR Software

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