ZKTeco has Face/Palm/Fingerprint/RFID Time Attendance/Access Control devices to capture attendance. This help document describes how you can connect an ZKTeco device to AttendHRM.

Configuring Attendance Software to connect with ZKTeco Devices

AttendHRM can communicate with ZKTeco devices over the LAN, Internet, or Mobile phone Network.

I’m going to show you how to connect to a device over the LAN.

I’ve a ZKTeco device with me which is connected to my LAN(ethernet).

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Step 1: Make sure you can PING the device.

If PING is successful, it means, there is physical connectivity between the server and the device.

Ping Device

PING works. So, the network appears to be okay.

Step 2: Add a new device in the software

ZKTeco - Time Attendance Devices
ZKTeco - New Device

Provide a name to the device and assign it to a Zone

ZKTeco - Device Name

A zone has one or more devices and usually represents a building or area of work.

ZKTeco - New Zone
ZKTeco - New Zone

Step 3: Choose Device type ‘Direct’ and then Device ‘ZKTeco’

ZKTeco - Device Type

Step 4: Choose an appropriate ‘Device Category

If the device is used to collect employee attendance, choose ‘Attendance’. If the device is used in a Canteen to analyze canteen usage, choose ‘Canteen’, and so on.

ZKTeco - Device Category

I’m going to choose Attendance, as the device is used to collect employee attendance.

ZKTeco - Device Category

Step 5: Choose punch type

If you want to dedicate a device for IN punches, choose the IN option. Similarly, if you want to dedicate a device for OUT punches, choose the OUT option. If a device is to be used for both IN and OUT punches, choose the ‘IN/OUT’ option.

ZKTeco - Punch Type

I’ll choose IN/OUT as the same device is used for clocking IN and also for clock out.

ZKTeco - Punch Type

Step 6: Specify the IP address and Port Number

Port number is 4370 by default

ZKTeco - IP address and Port

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Step 7: Specify an import Schedule

The import schedule specifies how often the server reads punches data from the devices.

ZKTeco - Import Schedule

Step 8: Clear Device Log

Specify the maximum number of punches you want the device to hold. The device log is automatically cleared when the punch count exceeds the specified number.

ZKTeco - Clear Device Log

Step 9: Use Alphanumeric User Id

Choose this option if your device supports alphanumeric User Ids.

ZKTeco - Alphanumeric User ID

Step 10: Save the details to create a new device

Once you create a device, AttendHRM will automatically pull data from the device as per the import schedule specified.

ZKTeco - Alphanumeric User ID

Once the software starts communicating with the device, the software will update you with the recent activities.

ZKTeco - Device Communicator
Device Communicator
ZKTeco - Recent Activities

Step 11: Ensure your employees have badge numbers

Badge number is the unique id for an employee in the device. Each employee should have a badge id for the software to recognize the employee from the device data.

Employee Menu
Badge Number

Step 12: Verify clock in/out data from employees

The raw data from the device is available employee wise for you to ensure that the communication with the device is a success!

Attendance Software - Device Report
Attendance Software - Raw Punch Menu
Attendance Software - Raw Punch

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this software get data from ZKTeco devices? Do I have to manually import?

Just connect the devices to the software, and you are done. The software automatically connects to all devices and brings in data without any manual intervention.

I’ve ZKTeco Biometric Devices. Some are Face devices, and some are old Fingerprint devices. Can I connect all of them to the software?

Yes, you can connect all kinds of ZKTeco devices to this software.

Does this software include all the reports in ZKTeco Attendance Management Software?

Yes. AttendHRM includes many more reports than the free software provided with ZKTeco Devices.

I’m using ZKTeco WDMS Software. Can I integrate this software with WDMS to get the reports this software offers?

Yes, AttendHRM can connect to WDMS and easyWDMS Software from ZKTeco.

What happens if a device is unable to communicate due to issues in the LAN?

The software can send you email/sms alerts to notify issues with devices.

What is the default port number for ZKTeco devices?

ZKTeco devices have a default port number of 4370

Is this software compatible with ZKTeco Time Attendance and Access Control Devices?

Yes, AttendHRM can work with all models from ZKTeco

Can I replace ZKTeco Biotime with this software?

Yes, AttendHRM is a good replacement for ZKTeco Biotime.