“Non intrusive and Cheap technology”

Face recognition time attendance device provides cost savings and convenient way for employee time attendance solution. There is no need of employee badges with biometric face recognition system. Employees can simply go in/out without having any physical touch. Issues like lost or misplaced employee badges are gone and the cost and misuse of badges by employee buddy is eliminated!

Face recognition technology helps in checking a person’s identity by comparing the face images with previously registered face images. A face recognition device will scan and verify the face within a second. If the system registers a match, then it automatically stores the attendance. Face recognition device is a clear cut method for cost cutting by eliminating proxy punching. Face recognition is based on ‘No Touch’ technology. This makes them less prone to physical damage.

If you find it difficult to choose the right face recognition device, please contact us with your requirement, and our support team will respond to you at the earliest with the best suggestions.