‘Attendance Import’ refers to the process of updating the attendance based on the attendance punch entries of the employees and the various attendance policies defined by the user in AttendHRM. Attendance punch entries are obtained either from the time attendance devices, online punching feature in employee self service, manual punching, import of punches using excel into AttendHRM or via mapping of text file. Such punch entries are used to update the attendance of employees and while updating the attendance, other policies of attendance are also considered, like the scheduled roster of the employee, late-in, early-out, early in, late out, overtime rules etc. When the user changes the attendance policies, an attendance import will update the attendance screen of employees after applying the current rules. In other cases the punches will be seen in the raw punch yet the attendance screen of employees won’t be updated. This occurs if the system hosting AttendHRM remained shut down while the automatic process of updating attendance was scheduled to run or if the background processes related to AttendHRM was down. In these cases, the ‘Re-import’ of attendance can be used to update the attendance of employees.

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Case I – Change of Roster(Work Timing)

  • Any change in the work shift of the employees has to be updated in AttendHRM. AttendHRM updates the Late-in, overtime, early-out etc primarily based on this work plan assigned for the employee. It’s likely in some situations that the user skips to update the modified shift of employees on time. AttendHRM keeps updating the attendance screen of employee based on the old shifts in place and the daily punches of employees. It could be only a few days later that the user decides to update the roster using the modified shift timings. Atttendance ‘Reimport’ will come handy in those cases where the already displayed attendance that is based on the old shift timings have to be reworked and updated based on the new shift timings as shown in the video above. Attendance ‘Reimport’ must be performed from the date and time since which the roster change has to be in effect.

Case II – Change of Attendance Policies(Attendance Import Settings)

  • Attendance Import Settings under the Attendance module comprises of various policies that can be configured for estimating the attendance entries of employees. Policies include calculation of grace period, late-in, overtime, overtime on holiday, early-out, late-out, early-in etc. We can also choose in attendance import settings whether to consider all the attendance punches dropped by the employee during a work time or to consider only the first and last entries. Another option to choose specifically the very first IN punch and the last OUT punch of the day to estimate the work time of the employees is also available in the attendance import settings. Other settings are to mark absence if an employee is Late IN/ Early Out for a major part of half day, include user defined breaks in between a continuous work entry, rounding of employee punches. When the admin user makes any changes to the attendance policies and would want the change to be applied in the past attendance that has already been updated in AttendHRM, an attendance ‘reimport’ has to be done from the date since which the changes has to be applied.

Case III – Fresh Update of Attendance

  • When you are connecting the time attendance device for the first time with AttendHRM, it will automatically read the punches registered in the device from the beginning to till date. It will bring the punches to the database which can be seen in the Raw Punch report under the ‘Devices’ module. User can also update attendance of employees using Manual Punching, Excel Import or Mapping the text file taken from the devices. For updating the attendance screen in reference to the attendance punches updated in AttendHRM, ‘attendance reimport’ has to be done start from the date and time since which the attendance has to be updated. In the above video, the attendance screen is blank although the punches are visible in the raw punch report. ‘Reimport Data’ is done to successfully update the attendance of the employees as seen in the above video.

Clear Data and Import Data

‘Reimport Data’ wizard gives user the option to select ‘clear data’ and ‘import data’. ‘Clear data’ option clears the already updated entries in the attendance screen. User can also choose to clear the manual changes made to the attendance. For e.g. the attendance entries that were dropped manually in the attendance screen like work time, on duty etc will be then removed on clearing the data. However, this option won’t delete the leave entries that have been put manually. When we import attendance after the clearing of attendance data, entries will update attendance screen with reference to the roster in place and the various attendance policies defined for the employees in AttendHRM.

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