Electronic payslips, sometimes referred to as ‘epayslips’ are payslips available online to employees through secure web portals. The online webportal is called Employee self service. ePayslips in ESS is a self-service payslip facility that enables employees to access their payslips directly from a secure website using their desktops, laptops, iPad or smart phones. Printing and issuing hard-copy payslips is time-consuming and costly. With ePayslips, employees will have the liberty of downloading and printing their payslips online. It’s an easy experience for them, and saves time for the accounting and HR departments.

Using the employee self service online portal, each payslip is only accessible by each individual member of staff with their own nominate username and unique password. During set up the employee is given a username and password for login to ESS. They can then access their epayslips through this. Employees can change their password to ESS login as often as they would like.

Employees can log on to the e-payslip website and will be able to view any payslips of current and previous months, giving a secure portal to keep their payslips for their own records.

Employers can choose to setup a secure domain for employee self service by publishing ESS using https protocol – ensuring all data is encrypted and meaningless to hackers.

Benefits of ePayslips

Switching to epayslips not only marks you out as a modern employer – there are tangible benefits for employees and organisations alike. Electronic payslips are part of employee self service in the modern HR systems. As well as making life easier for HR and payroll teams, employees also appreciate the benefits of having instant access to their pay records online.

View ePayslips online in Employee self service