It’s recommended to verify a few payslips for each Salary Group to ensure that the payslips are correct. The Salary Comparison reports will also help you to identify issues with payslips, if any.

The payslip screen allows you to verify the calculations on your payslips in detail.

Correct and Verify Payslip

Step 1: Zoom in to the Salary Heads

You can zoom in to each Salary Head in the payslip to understand the formula used to calculate the value of the
Salary Head,

and the Calculation History shows the value of each individual item used in the formula.

Step 2: Correct payslips

The Basic Pay in this payslip has a wrong value.

The fix is to be done in the Salary Card.

Correct the value of Basic Pay and reprocess salary for the employee.

Choose the option ‘Overwrite Existing Payslips’ to overwrite the existing payslip.

Step 3: Mark payslip as verified

When you have verified a payslip, it’s recommended to mark the payslip as verified.

Step 4: Delete Payslip

If you want to get rid of the payslip for some reason, just delete it.

You can recreate it again, if required.

Step 5: Generate Payslip Report

The payslip report gives you a printable version of the payslip.

The facility to zoom in to calculation details of payslips helps the user to fix issues with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

If the issue is with wrong input values, you should fix it in the Salary Card. If the issue is because of a wrong formula, you should fix it in the Salary Group. If the issue is because of wrong values from attendance, you should fix it in the attendance module. After the fix, re-process the payslip to fix the issue.

This is determined by the option you choose under the Salary Settings. We recommend verifying at least a few payslips from each Salary Group.

You can either delete and re-process the payslip, or, choose the overwrite option while processing.