Overview screen

The overview-detail screen is a combination of two screens. On the screen you will find the ‘Attend HRM Toolbar’, which is common for most screens in Attend HRM. The “Toggle” Button on the toolbar helps you to toggle between the Overview and Detail screens.

Overview screen displays the consolidated details of the selected information on a table. The table rows can be navigated through using the mouse and the keyboard, or using the navigation buttons on the Attend HRM Toolbar.

Overview Screens

Detail screen

Detail screen shows the further details pertaining to the selected item in the Overview screen. The details of the selected item can be modified through this screen. Detail screen enables the administrator to insert new items also, using the Insert functionality of the Attend HRM toolbar.

AttendHRM Details Screen

Multiple Screen

Attend HRM allows you to open more than one screen at a time. You can switch between the open screens by clicking on the short-cut icons on the top-right of the main screen or using the Window menu. The active screen can be identified by the screen name displayed on the main screen title.

AttendHRM Multiple Screens