In the AttendHRM software, under the Reports in Time Registration module are many reports relating to or based on the employee punches.

Bio-metric Devices

Time Registration Reports

Time Registration Report screen display the list of reports available to the user. User can double click on the report and follow the instructions on report wizard that pops up to successfully a generate a report.

  • Time Registration Report 1

Canteen Access

Canteen access report displays the count of times each employee has accessed the canteen during the day along with the punch timings.

To recognise a device as installed for monitoring the ‘Canteen’ access, the device type should be selected as ‘Canteen’ while adding the device under Time Registration module in ‘Devices’.

Clinic Access

This report is to track the access details of people into a clinic.

The device category under ‘Devices’ in Time Registration module should be selected as ‘Clinic’ for the software to identify and provide the specified report.

Daily Punch Details

Daily Punch Details is a report that provides a detail of employees who have reported and not reported for work. It displays the list of employees with their log-in time and the machine on which they punched IN. It also gives a total count of employees and separately displays the count of reported and not reported employees.

Device Template Details

This report helps user to identify the employees who have been already registered in the time attendance or access control devices integrated with AttendHRM. User can pull list of employees yet to be registered, also of employees who are already registered.

To generate the Device Template Details report, user must have first downloaded the templates using the ‘Download Templates’ option under Time Registration module.

Door Details

Door Details report helps user analyse the punches of employees door-wise for a selected duration.

The field ‘Door’ under ‘Devices’ in Time Registration module must be specified while configuring the device in AttendHRM. AttendHRM recognises the device and the corresponding door at which it is installed based on this setting and delivers the report.

Employee Raw Punch Count

Employee Raw Punch Count report specify the count of attendance punches dropped by an employee day-wise for the selected duration and the average count of punches dropped by each employee.

Raw Punch

All the attendance punches dropped in the time attendance – access control devices or by manual punching or through ESS for the selected duration can be viewed by generating this report.

Raw Punch – Shiftwise Report

Report helps user to filter the employee raw punches primarily based on the various rosters created in the software. It also has option to specify the type of punches(IN/OUT) to be considered for report generation, specify to consider only the punches dropped between particular duration etc.

Report on Employee Badge Numbers

Report on Employee Badge Numbers delivers report based on three conditions below:

  • List of badge numbers found on the device(s) with no matching employee(s) in the system
  • List of employees with no matching badge numbers on the device
  • List of employees with matching badge number on the device(s)