The employee profile is the most essential part of the employee database. It holds all basic information about the employee. Subordinate’s Profile page in the Employee Self Service allows the managers to view their subordinate’s information.

To view subordinate’s profile, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Attendance > My SubordinatesProfile
hr payroll software ess subordinates dashboard
subordinate's profile
subordinate's profile

2. Select an employee to display the profile

Subordinates Profile

The profile displays Personal Details, Employment Details, Local Contact Details and Permanent Contact Details.

Personal details helps to authenticate the identity of an employee easily. Nationality, Date of Birth, Qualification, Social Security details are part of the personal details.

Employment details shows the nature of employees relation with the company. It has details of the type of employment and the position held by the employee in the company.

Local contact details can be used to get in touch with the employee when required by multiple means.

Permanent Contact details are recorded to contact the employee, when a need arises in the future.

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