Sick leave also called Medical Leave is paid time off from work that employees can use to address their health needs without losing pay. Sick Leave is intended for health-related purposes. Some companies also allow sick leaves to care for sick family members

How to apply for Sick Leave?

Companies usually offer a fixed number of Sick Leaves per calendar year to each employee. To apply for a Sick Leave, go to the Leave Application Screen, check your balance and then apply. If your manager approves, you will be able to utilize your leaves.

Sick Leave

Can I apply for more Sick Leaves than I’m entitled for?

This depends on the company policy. Usually, you get a fixed number of paid Sick leaves. If you need more Sick leaves than you are entitled for, you may not be paid for those extra days.

Under which conditions can I apply for a Sick Leave?

Companies usually demand a medical certificate to be uploaded along with your sick leave application. An application without a medical certificate may not approved by your manager.

Sick Leave

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