Contact us for an online demo

AttendHRM is easy to work with. You can download a FREE version of AttendHRM, right away. A quick look at the Help Videos should be enough to get you started. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions or report issues at the User Forum.

But in case you need assistance, please request for an online demo, and we will take you through an online demonstration.

1. Have you seen the Videos?

Click here to see a list of AttendHRM Videos. You can see the videos also within the application.

2. Have you downloaded AttendHRM?

Click here to download a FREE version of AttendHRM.

3. Share your desktop for online demo

Click here to download a desktop sharing tool. Follow the instructions below, and we will connect to your PC for an online demo.

1. Run ‘ShowMyPC.exe’. Click on ‘Show My PC Now’
2. You will get a ‘Share Password’. It’s a number like ‘22355-91472086’
3. Send the ‘Share Password’ to

That’s all. We will connect to your PC for an online demo as soon as we are informed.

Make sure you keep ShowMyPC running until we connect. For a faster response call us when you are ready to connect, or fix an appointment in advance.