The shift import option allows you to import employee shift plans from an excel sheet. If you have complicated shift plans that change often, it may be convenient to import shift plans.

Some of the employees in the Production Department have to work on a Morning Shift the first day, an Afternoon Shift on the second day, a night shift on the third day and they have a day off on the fourth day. And this repeats for ever. These employees have day offs on different days in the week.

Let me show you how to create shift plans for these employees.

Step 1: Create the Shifts

Let me create the Morning, Afternoon, and Night Shifts.

Create Shift

Step 2: Prepare the Shift Import File

There are two formats available, you can choose the one convenient to you.

Shift Import File

Step 3: Import the file prepared

Select Import File
Open Import File
Import Shift Plan
Finish Shift Import

Import is done!

Let me show you the imported Shift plan in the Shift Planner.

Now, let me show you the Shift Plan as it appears on the Attendance Screen.

Shift in Attendance Screen

Choose the ‘Append’ option in the Import Wizard, if you want to import multiple Shifts per day which doesn’t overlap.


If there is a change in the shift plan, you can either make the changes in the Shift Planner or you can make necessary changes in the Shift Import file to import it again.

Shift plans can be imported from multiple files. For eg. Each department can prepare and import their own Shift Plans weekly or monthly.