This report contains details of all payslips created in a salary period. A payslip usually contains many salary heads and this report includes values of all those salary heads.

Step 1: Select a period

Salary Period

Step 2: Select Salary Groups

Salary Groups

Step 3: Pick Salary Heads required in the report

I’m going to pick all the salary heads.

Salary Heads

Step 4: Pick employees

The report, by default, shows list of all employees who have payslips in the selected salary period.


Step 5: Click Finish to generate the report


The report includes all input values to salary, and all processed values.

Salary Register

Step 6: Custom Salary Register

You can choose certain salary heads to create a custom salary register. The report remembers the list of selected Salary Heads. You can also save the report parameters with a custom name. I’m going to create a report on Overtime.

Report Name

The report is ready!

Overtime Report

The salary register is data rich and yet flexible. The salary register includes all the data in a salary period. You can also create custom reports according to your requirements.