AttendHRM is designed to help you process your salary in minutes. All your salary rules can be configured up front. Just a few clicks and your salary should be processed. The process creates payslips for your employees, salary comparison reports for your auditors, bank transfer statements, statutory reports, salary reports and so on.

This video explains how to process salary.

If you have already created a Salary Period and Salary Cards for your employees you can proceed to Salary Processing.

 Create Salary Group
 Create Salary Group
 Create Salary Group
 Create Salary Group

Just run through and complete this wizard to process payroll for the selected employees for the current Salary Period. Employee payslips and statutory reports will be prepared during this process.

 Create Salary Group

Step 1: Confirm the Salary Period

Confirm that you are about to process payroll for the currently active Salary Period.

Add Salary Heads to Salary Group

Check this box if you want to overwrite existing payslips for the current period.

Step 2: Pick Employees

The system, by default, picks all employees who has worked during this Salary Period. But, you can pick any group of employees.

Add Salary Heads to Salary Group

Step 3: Salary Processing

The system is now processing salary for the selected employees. Payslips for employees, Statutory reports for the employer, and other salary reports are prepared during this process.

Step 4: Save or Cancel?

Click ‘Finish’ to save the payslips created during the process.

Click ‘Cancel’ to discard the payslips.

Step 5: Verify the payslips

Verify the payslips to ensure that they are correct.

Step 6: Re-process to overwrite existing payslips

If you find issues in the previous step, fix them, and process salary again. Check this box to overwrite existing payslips.

Step 7: Drop the period to drop all payslips

If you find issues with most of your payslips, you may want to drop all the payslips to re-process again.

The Salary Processing may take a few seconds to many minutes depending on the number of your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Salary can only be processed for the currently open period. You should re-open the closed Salary Period to make changes to it.

By default, the payslips will not be overwritten. If you want to overwrite payslips, choose the option to ‘Overwrite Payslips’.

No. You can process salary for all your employees in one attempt.