• Your organization has some employees working in a General Shift and others working on multi-Shift work pattern.
  • The shifts have varied work timings and some of them start in the night and end on the next day.
  • You have some employees working on one shift pattern for some days and then moving on to another pattern.
  • There are times when you need to replace a weekend with a working day and a working day with a weekend.
  • You have some support staff whose shifts are random and have no pattern.
  • You have employees who are called in to standby for another employee because he is sick

Does this sound similar to some of the challenges that you face daily? Roster module enables you to address these challenges. Configure all the shifts that your employees work in.

Roster module creates and manages the work plan of employees of an organization.

  • Creating a Work plan for regular employees (Non-shift-duty)
  • Creating a work plan for employees in Shift duties

This module has the following features:

  • Regular Day program (Non – Shift duties).
    • A regular day program is the building block for a normal non-shift duty work plan. A regular day program is a work plan for a day. Pre defined Roster attendance types are used to create a regular day program.

Shift Day programA shift day program is created for 24 hours, necessarily not on the same day. It may overlap into two days. Pre defined Shift attendance types are used to create a shift day program.

Attendance Regular Day Program
  • Regular Work Plan using the regular day program (Non – Shift duties)
    • It creates one year non-shift duty work plan for employees, for whole department or for whole branch according to regular day program.
Regular Work Plan
  • Shift pattern using the shift day program
    • Specify shifts that are part of the pattern
    • Specify how these shifts are rotated
    • Specify the number of days – six day or seven day patterns
    • Modify settings of individual days to swap weekends, change shifts.
Create Shift Pattern
  • Shift planner  for employee using the shift duty pattern.
Shift Planner Bulk Assignment