600LBS-W-FD Anti Feedback Lock

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  • Green/red LED indication for lock status
  • Design with no Mechanical Bolt
  • Voltage and current spike protection PCB
  • Superior Strength Aluminum Alloy, Solid Stainless Steel Bolt
  • Silent operation: no humming or buzzing


EM Lock with Feedback are designed to meet fire/life safety applications by providing an auxiliary locking mechanism that has no moving parts to bind or wear out for trouble free operation. EM Lock with Feedback will ensure inhibited release at all times where they have become extremely prevalent in applications other than fire/life safety. EM Lock with Feedback are Suitable for access controlled & secure areas within buildings.

Additional information

Magnet(L X W X H)

250 X 42 X 26 mm

Armature Plate(L X W X H)

180 X 38 X 11 mm

Mounting Plate(L X W X H)

250 X 25 X 6mm



Holding Capacity


Holding Force



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