Privilege Leave also called Earned Leave is a leave earned by an employee for the period worked. An employee usually is eligible for Privilege Leave only after he completes 240 days of work with the company. And he usually earns one Privilege Leave for every 20 days of work. These figures may vary according to company policy. The accumulated Privilege Leaves can be used for vacation or travel.

Privilege Leave Entitlements

Your employer assigns Privilege Leave entitlements to you as you complete certain number of days of work. If your Privilege Leaves are not utilized, the balances are either encashed or carry forwarded to the next year based on the Privilege Leave Policy of your company. You can track Privilege Leave balance, credit and usage on your Employee Self Service Portal.

Privilege Leave

How to apply for a Privilege Leave?

The Employee Self Service Portal allows you to raise Privilege Leave applications from your mobile phone. Check your Privilege Leave Balance before making a new application.

Privilege Leave

Privilege Leave Approval

When you apply for a Privilege Leave, your manager receives a notification, and either approves or rejects it.

Privilege Leave

Once approved or rejected, you will get a notification from the system. If your application is approved, your attendance will be updated automatically.

Privilege Leave Approved Mail

Privilege Leave Rules

Privilege Leaves rules can vary according to company policy. Some of the rules usually found with casual leave are below:

  • You have to work for at least 240 days to be eligible for Privilege Leave
  • Privilege Leaves can be clubbed with any other leaves like Sick Leave
  • An Privilege Leave entitlement will be credited on completion of 20 days of work
  • No Privilege Leave entitlements during probationary period
  • Privilege Leaves can be carry forwarded to the next year
  • Privilege Leaves can be encashed

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