If you have a lot of employees or if you are paying out salary every week, you are printing a lot of payslips. This report helps you go green by saving a lot of paper. This report can print 10 payslips in an A4 sheet.

Let me show you how to generate the payslip report.

Step 1: Select a Salary Period

Salary Period

Step 2: Choose the Non Payslip Heads you want to appear on the payslip

Salary Heads

Step 3: Pick Employees


Step 4: Click Finish to generate the report.

Step 5: Review excel print preview before printing

Payslip Printing in Bulk

This report drastically reduces paper usage by printing up to 10 payslips in a single sheet of paper. AttendHRM can show payslips on Mobile Phones with the Employee Self Service module and payslips can also be emailed. These electronic distribution methods eliminate paper usage.