Module ‘Roster’ let’s you define work plans for locations, departments or employees. This help document gives you an overview of module ‘Roster’.

When a work plan is defined for a location, all departments and employees in the location inherit the plan. But, you can redefine the work plan for a department or an employee. Similarly, when a work plan is defined for a department, all employees in the department inherit the plan, but, you can redefine the plan for individual employees.

‘Shift’ allows you to define work plan for a day.

General Shift
Shift without break

The plan may include multiple breaks.

Shift with break

‘Overnight Shift’ let’s you define work plans that overlap midnight.

Overnight Shift
Night Shift
Night Shift plan

‘Shift Planner’ let’s you assign Shifts against a location, department or employee for a period.

Shift Planner
Location list
Location Work Plan
Department list
Department Work Plan
Employee List
Employee Work Plan

Shift Planner makes it easy to define work plans.

Select Location
Select Shift
Assign Shift
Work Plan

‘Shift Import’ allows you to import work plans from an excel file.

Shift Import
Date in Row
Date in Row Data
Date in Columns
Date in Columns Data
Import File Name
Select File
Import Wizard
Import Log
Shift Planner
Select Employee

As you can see, the shift data is imported against individual employees.

Imported plan

With ‘Shift Detect’ the system automatically identifies the shift the employee is working on from a pool of shifts.

Shift Detect
Assigned shifts

This feature is useful if the employees switch shifts very often, or if it’s inconvenient to allocate shifts to employees up front.

Attendance Screen

Multi Shift allows you to define multiple work plans for a day. For example, you have a Morning, Afternoon and Night Shifts on the same day with each shift attended by a different group of employees.

Multi Shift

Multi Shift Pattern allows you to define how an employees work plan is rotated during a period.

Multi shift pattern

For example, a set of employees working on Morning Shift today works in the Afternoon Shift tomorrow, and in the Night Shift the third day and then they have a day off; and this rotates for ever.

Production Pattern

Similarly, a set of employees working on Morning Shift this week works on the Afternoon Shift in the second week, the third week they come back to the Morning Shift and this rotates for ever.

IT Pattern

Multi Shift Planner allows you to define multi shift plans for a set of employees for a selected period.

MultiShift Planner
Multi Shift Production
Multi Shift IT

‘Roster Reports’ lists reports for module ‘Roster’.

Roster Reports
Employee Roster
Multi Shift Roster
Shiftwise Employees list

‘Roster Settings’ shows options to configure module ‘Roster’.

Roster Settings

Module ‘Roster’ let’s you define work plans for every single employee with ease. The graphical interface in Attendance plots work plans and actual work times together, and splits the work time as ‘Late In’, ‘Early Out’, ‘Overtime’ and so on.