AttendHRM allows you to manage multiple companies with each company having a separate set of employees. This help document gives you an overview of the module ‘Employer’.

‘Employer’ allows you to add multiple companies.

Multiple Employers
Employer Details
Employer Logo

‘Location’ allows you to add unlimited locations against each Employer.


‘Department’ allows you to add multiple Departments.


Also allows to allocate departments to one or more locations.

Department locations

‘Default Employer’ enables you to switch between Employers.

Default Employer

AttendHRM always shows data for the selected employer at any time.

Select default employer

‘Employer Documents’ enables you publish Employer documents like ‘Attendance Policy’ over the ‘Employee Self Service’.

Employer Documents
Employer Documents list
Open document
Attendance Policy

You can also store and share documents with other HR Users.

‘Employer Reports’ shows reports for module ‘Employer’.

Employer Reports
Employer Report
Department Allocation report

‘Employer Settings’ shows options to configure the module.

Department Allocation report
Document Category

Remember to provide a logo for each company which appears in the reports.

To add multiple Locations and Departments, use the ‘Employee Import’ option under module ‘Employee’.

Employee Import

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