Module ‘Employee’ helps you to manage data related to your most important asset, your employees. This help document gives you an overview of the module ‘Employee’.

‘Employee’ stores personal, contact, and employment related data against each employee.

Employee Details

The screen also allows you to create multiple lists of employees according to your own criteria which can be exported to excel.

Multiple lists
Export to Excel
List of Employees

‘Documents’ allows you to keep multiple documents in different formats against each employee. The documents can be published to individual employees over the ‘Employee Self Service’. You can also bulk upload documents against employees.

Employee Documents

‘Groups’ allows you to organize employees into multiple groups. You can assign ‘ESS Rights’ to each group. Also, Multi Shift Plans can be

assigned to selected employee groups.


‘Gangs’ allows you to organize employees into exclusive groups.

Gangs List

‘Attendance Import Settings’ are assigned to gangs of employees.

Attendance Import Settings

‘Dependents’ allows you to keep details of Dependents of each employee.

Dependents List

‘Hierarchy’ allows you set multi-level hierarchy of employees.


‘Passport’ helps you manage employee Passports and expiry.

Passport Details

‘Visa’ help you manage multiple employee Visa and expiry.

Multiple Visa

‘Send Email’ allows you to email to a set of employees who meet a particular criteria. For eg. Email to all employees with 5 years or more of service.

Send Email
Employees with 5 years
Emails prepared

‘Send SMS’ allows you to SMS to a set of employees who meet a particular criteria. For eg. Invite all ‘Sales Executives’ to a meeting

Send SMS
Sales Team
SMS Template
SMS Prepared

‘Import’ allows you to import Employee Data from a text or excel file.

Default Import
Excel file
Import file
Matching fields
Import Status
Imported Employees

‘Custom Fields’ allows you to add user-defined fields to keep employee data. For eg. You can add a new field to store ‘Spouse Name’.

Custom fields
Add custom field
Save Custom field
Enter custom field

‘Disciplinary Action’ allows you to keep track of offences made by employees and the action taken.

Disciplinary Actions

‘Document Builder’ allows you to create employee documents in seconds. For eg. You can create experience certificate for 10 employees in less than one minute.

Document Builder
Build new document
Ten employees
Output file
Experience Certificate

‘Employee Reports’ lists reports for module ‘Employee’.

Employee Reports
  • Report 3
  • Report 4

‘Employee Settings’ shows options to configure module ‘Employee’.


Module ‘Employee’ brings all data related to an employee in one place. Also provides alerts in various occasions like employee birthday, passport expiry, work anniversary and so on.