Installation of Bio-metric Device X990 with F12

Turnstile with Face Reader

X990 is a standalone Fingerprint Scanning device with Time and Attendance System, IN and OUT status. X990 has a very advanced algorithm and it can store 3000 fingerprint templates and is capable of performing 100,000 transaction records. X990 Fingerprint Reader terminal s a multi-purpose device that can also identify employee cards. X990 – Fingerprint Scanner can be connected directly with the computer system to transfer the data. X990 also supports USB devices like pen drives and can be used to transfer the data. You can take attendance record of your employee in a pen drive by connecting the pen drive with the Fingerprint Scanning device and pressing a button from the menu.
F12 is an exit reader with Fingerprint and Proximity Card support. F12 works along with Fingerprint Access Control systems like X990. F12 Fingerprint Exit Reader also has Proximity card reader built-in that is optional. F12 is a standalone Fingerprint Exit Reader supported by standalone Fingerprint T&A System especially with X 990.

X990 and F12 Biometric Devices

Unboxing Items In The Box


The package from Lenvica contains two boxes. The larger box is X990, the master device with fingerprint and RFID for registering the IN punch and the other one is F12, the slave fingerprint/RFID reader for registering the OUT punch.

X990 and F12 Package


X990 Box


X990 Details - Biometric Fingerprint and RFID Recognition Device
F12 Box



Steps for configuring Time and Attendance, X990 and F12 devices

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Items in the box are to be assembled as instructed in the below steps

All items required for the successful installation are in the box delivered to you by Lenvica. You can follow the steps below for successful configuration of X990 and F12 for Time and Attendance with separate IN and OUT modes.
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Step 0
Connecting X990 to F12
Connecting In-Out between X990 and F12 - Biometric Devices

IN/OUT connection between X990 and F12

  • Connect the Yellow wire from X990 to Purple wire from F12.
  • Connect the Purple wire from F12 to Yellow wire from X990.
Step 0
Connect the power adaptors between X990 and F12
Connecting Adaptor - X990 and F12 Biometric Devices

Connect Power Adaptor connections between X990 and F12

  • Plug the connections between X990 and F12 as shown in the figure.
Step 0
LAN and Power Connections
LAN and Power Adaptor to X990 and F12 - Biometric Device

Connection to Local Area Network and Power Adaptor

  • Plug-in LAN cable behind the X990 device as shown in the figure.

Function Description of Turnstile

  • Plug in turnstile power. Please make sure that the power requirements are strictly met to avoid permanent damage to the unit. Input voltage 100v – 240v is self-adaptive.
  • Main Power Supply and LAN connections are provided only to the X990 device (Master). F12 device has only two connections, one for the power to X990 and the other for IN/OUT signals.