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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Income Tax Calculator?

The Income Tax Calculator is an online calculator that calculates your Income Tax, Taxable Income, HRA Exemption, and much more using data from your payslips.

How to use the Online Income Tax Calculator?

It’s easy! Just key in data from your payslip in the Income Tax Calculator above, and compute tax.

Is it completely free?

Yes. The Online Income Tax Calculator is completely free.. No sign up required. No Credit Card required.

Is there an option to choose between Old Regime and New Regime?

The calculator automatically calculates income tax for both Old Regime and New Regime. The calculator also recommends the regime best suited for you.

How is this Income Tax Calculator different from other online calculators?

The Income Tax Calculator calculates Income Tax with data from your payslip. Everything including Taxable Income is calculated.

I’m new to income tax. Can I still use the Income Tax Calculator?

Yes. The Income Tax Calculator calculates Income Tax and also teaches you how to calculate.

How much Income Tax should I pay on my salary income?

Just key in data from your payslip in the Income Tax Calculator and compute tax then you will know how much exactly you should pay.

My employer is deducting more tax than the calculator shows. What should I do?

After computing tax, print the results and share it with your employer.

Does the calculator also calculates HRA Exemption?

Yes, the Income Tax Calculator also includes a built-in HRA Exemption Calculator.

How to save maximum Tax?

Try the investment options in the Income Tax Calculator and then you will be able to save maximum tax.

How do I use the calculator if I have to process TDS for many employees?

It’s recommended to purchase the TDS module from Lenvica which makes it very easy to use the Income Tax Calculator for even thousands of employees.

Is this Online Income Tax Calculator for India alone?

Yes. This online tax calculator is designed specifically for Income Tax Calculation in India. If you would like to have Income Tax Calculator for another country, please do let us know.

Do you have an Online HRA Exemption Calculator?

HRA Exemption Calculator is included in this Online Tax Calculator.

Is this Tax Calculator included in your HRMS Software?

Yes. In the HRMS Software, you can calculate income tax for multiple employees at the same time. Employees can also fill in the investment declarations over the Employee Self Service portal.

How can I purchase this Income Tax Calculator Software?

When you purchase our HRMS or Payroll Software, this income tax calculator software is also included in it.

Is this Online Tax Calculator software free for download?

This is an online Income tax Calculator. You don’t have to download it, you can use it whenever you want.

Can this calculator be used for tax calculation of Software employees?

This online tax calculator can be used to save tax for employees in any industry.