AttendHRM can communicate with Time Attendance devices; so, the punch data comes into the software in almost real-time, without any manual intervention. But, at times, you may want to regularly import punch data from text or excel files. For eg: Weekly Punch data for overtime prepared by the production team or monthly punch data from a remote location with no internet.

Import Employee Attendance Punch Data into AttendHRM from Excel

Here is a sample template for the punch data to be imported. Each row in the template should have the following fields; a unique Badge Number which identifies the employee, Date and Time of the IN Punch, and Date and Time of the OUT punch.

Add device

Now, go to the Devices screen in AttendHRM Server, and add a new device with reference to the file we just created. AttendHRM considers this data as if coming from a time attendance device.

Creating a new salary head

Choose ‘Device’as ‘CSV with IN/OUT’

Now, pick the ‘Import file’ we just created

Now, specify the import schedule

Refresh Communicator

Let’s refresh the communicator to bring data from all devices; this may take a few minutes.

Communicator History

Now, look at the communicator history to ensure that the communication has succeeded. A green entry denotes a successful communication, where as a red one denotes failure.

Raw Punch Report

The communicator history shows success, so, let’s take a look at the data we just imported. This will be visible in the ‘Raw Punch Report’. As you see, the data has been successfully imported.

Since the import schedule is specified as 1 Hour, the system will look for the file every hour, and import the data. When you have new data, just place the file in the same folder with the same name and the same format, AttendHRM will import the data. On a successful import, AttendHRM will move the file to a Backup folder automatically created.