This help document describes how you can import employees to AttendHRM in bulk.

Step 1: Open the Employee Import Wizard

employee import

Step 2: You can import from any CSV file, but this time, I’m going to use the default employee format supplied with AttendHRM.

default employee import

Step 3: First, let’s locate the import file

The import file is located under the UsersPublicPublic Documents.

employee import file location

The first 6 fields are mandatory and the rest of them are optional.

employee details import template

Step 4: Now, fill the import file with employee data.

employee details file

As you see, I’ve filled the file with all employee details.

Now, save and close the file.

save employee details
close employee details file

Step 5: Now, let’s import the file in to AttendHRM

employee import wizard

As you see, the import utility has read the data properly.

The field matching is automatically done.

new locations will be added to the system.

employee details locations

new departments

employee details departments


employee details designation

Employee Types


Employee name salutation

Now you see a preview of the data to be imported.

Preview employee details

The import process creates new locations, departments, designations, employee types and finally the employees.

employee import completed

Step 6: The import is complete now.

Click finish to complete the import process.

Step 7: Now, let’s take a look at the imported employee data.

hr software

As you see, the employee data has been successfully imported.

If you want to import more employees, just fill the same file with new employee data and repeat the process. You can also use the same file to update existing employee data.