AttendHRM keeps track of employee Leave Balances in real-time. Employees may have Leave Balances at the end of the year which can be encashed or carry forwarded to the next year. This help document describes how you can Carry Forward employee Leave Balances from the previous year.

Let’s take a look at the Leave Carry Forward Policy.

Leave Carry Forward Policy link

Here, for each Leave Type, you can specify the Minimum number of leaves required to be carry forwarded, the maximum number of leaves that can be carry forwarded and the leave balance required in the previous year after the carry forward.

Earned leave

The Leave Carry Forward routine works according to the Leave Carry Forward Policy.

You can specify the Leave Period in the Leave Settings.

The Leave Period is the Calendar year by default, but the leave period can start from any month you choose. For E.g. Your leave period could be from April till March.

Leave Settings

Let’s now invoke the Leave Carry Forward Routine.

Select Leave Type
Select Employee
Select employees
Carry forward
Leave Entitlement
Select employee leave entitlement
Employee leave entitlement

This routine is usually run at the beginning of an year or Leave Period. When run, the routine will carry forward leave balances for selected employees and leave types according to the Carry Forward Policy defined for each leave type.

If the routine is repeated, it will overwrite existing data.

It’s recommended to run this routine when you have completed recording leaves for the previous year. If required, you can run the routine multiple times, which will overwrite the data updated during the previous attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the leaves for all employees are updated for December, you can run this routine on Jan 1st. If you have already run the routine, and there are changes in the Leave data for December, you can simply rerun the routine to update the carry forward figures.