Bonus is usually paid to employees yearly or half-yearly. AttendHRM makes it extremely easy to calculate Bonus for all your employees in a few clicks. This help document describes how you can calculate bonus for your employees.

My company pays out Bonus at the end of the year for all employees. Bonus is calculated as 8.33% of Basic Pay earned during the year. Now, let me show you how easy it is to calculate Bonus for all employees.

Salary Bonus
Add Bonus

Step 1: Define the Bonus and specify the period and formula for calculations

Bonus name period
Formula Editor
Bonus formula
Save bonus

Step 2: Add employees to Bonus

Add employees eligible to the Bonus and as the employees are added AttendHRM will calculate their bonus.

Add employees
Select employees
Bonus employees

Step 3: Recalculate

If you want to change the Bonus Formula or the period, recalculate the Bonus after the change.


Step 4: Lock Bonus

When you are done with the calculations, Lock the Bonus in order to prevent accidental changes in the future.

Lock bonus
Lock bonus

Step 5: Review Bonus Reports

Salary reports
Bonus Detail Report
Bonus details

The Bonus module makes it easy to calculate bonus for all your employees in one shot. You can calculate multiple Bonuses monthly, quarterly, yearly or for any period you choose.