Leave Balances are calculated based on the leave entitlements assigned to employees. This help document shows how you can
assign leave entitlements to employees.

First, let me show you how to update Leave Entitlements for an employee.

Step 1: Pick an Employee

Pick Employee
Add Entitlement

Step 2: Pick a Leave Type and year

Entitlement type

Step 3: Enter Carry Forward value from the previous year and monthly values for selected year

Carry Forward Monthly Values

Step 4: Click ‘Save’ to update leave entitlements for the selected employee

Save changes

If you want to update leave entitlements for multiple employees, follow the steps below

Step 1: Open the Entitlement Wizard

Bulk Entitlements

Step 2: Pick employees

Pick Employee
Pick Employee

Step 3: Pick the Leave type and year. Specify the number of leave entitlements per month or year

Leave Type

Choose the option ‘Calculate according to the Date of Joining’, if you want the leave entitlement to be calculated for new joinees


Step 4: Click ‘Finish’ to update the leave entitlements for all selected employees, ‘Cancel’ to exit

Assign entitlements
Leave Entitlement

You can also import leave entitlements from Excel or text files. If you want AttendHRM to automate this process, get in touch with our
support team.