AttendHRM can send information and notifications over the email. An email account should be configured for emails to work. Video shows how you can configure an email account with AttendHRM.

You may have to contact your network administrator to find the hostname and port number of your email server. This video shows how to configure a gmail account.

Step 1: Provide an account name

e-mail Account Name

Step 2: Specify User name and email address

Email Address

Step 3: Provide SMTP Server details

SMTP Settings

Step 4: Send a test email

Make necessary changes to the data if the test email fails.

Send Test Email

Step 5: Save the data

Add Email Account

Step 6: Set an email account as default

If there are multiple email accounts, emails will be sent through the default email account.

Default Email Account

Step 7: Share the email account with others

If you wish to share the email account with others, check this box.

Share Email Account