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    • Alex
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      Unable to communicate with the device.
      Communicator history showing unable to read data.
      Unable to see the communicator
      What is to be done.

    • Vinod Krishnan
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      Hi Alex,

      Please follow the steps given below.

      Exit from AttendHRM
      i) Open task Manager
      ii) Close all attend.exe programs from Processes.
      iii) Go to RUN. Type "services.msc" and enter
      iv) From the processes listed close the process Firebird Guardian.
      v) Secondly Close the Process AttendHRM Controller.
      Note: Controller may show a status of "stopping". In such cases restart your PC. Once PC reopens go to RUN. Type "services.msc" and enter. From the processes listed close the process Firebird Guardian.Then close the Process AttendHRM Controller.Make sure the process AttendHRM Controller is not running.
      vi) Restart Firebird Guardian Process.
      You will now notice that Attend Communicator is running from the taskbar.

      You can now refresh the communicator and see the communicator history.

      It will show the current date and time and the number of records read.

      Hope this will solve your issue.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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