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    • anbuv
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      I really like the user friendliness and flexibility of 'Attend HRM' software. But as an user, i became tired of selecting branch/department/employees in the wizard. Meanwhile i'm wondering that there is no shortcut keys for the buttons 'Next/Previous/Finish/Cancel'. The person who is doing 'data entry', wont use 'mouse' most of the times, since they always go with keyboard by using shortcut keys.

      So as an user of 'Attend HRM', i'll be thankful, if you provide shortcut keys for the above said buttons and also for '>>(Select All), >(Select One), <(Remove One), <<(Remove All)' buttons.

      Waiting for your response…….

    • Biju
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      Thank you for your suggestion.

      We will implement this in Attend HRM 2.3. Will inform you when done.

      Thank you for your patience.

      Warm Regards,

Viewing 1 reply thread
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