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    • Aman
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      hi everyone,
        In my organisation's database there are 500 records of employees, but actual employees are only 450, so every time while processing  
        employee like processing salary, attendance etc these unwanted list of employees coming, I also dont want to delete it as it
        might be used in the future in some case.
                           So does 'Attend HRM' support deletion of employee? but also restoring facility not only employee information but also all
        the related data associated with it like payslip, attendance record etc?  


    • Biju
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      Hi Aman,

      So, you want to delete and restore inactive employees in your database.

      Yes, this is possible with Attend HRM.

      Attend HRM will keep all the data related to employees for ever. But you can delete inactive employees, and also restore them when you require data related to them.

      The restore option is available under Administration module. (Administration – Deleted Employees)

      Hope this helps.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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