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    • anbuv
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      When i'm generating attendance reports for this month, i'm getting this message "No data available to print". But i'm seeing the data through 'Raw Punch' report(TimeRegistration).

      But when i generate report for last month, i'm getting the data. So i've a doubt that, no one opened 'Attend HRM' for some days, since i went for vacation and returned on yesterday only.

      After reaching, i just refreshed the 'Attend Communicator' and opened the application. Now i want to take the report for this month, thats what i tried but i'm not getting the data.

      Whether this is the problem? or How can get the attendance data/reports?

      Anyone pls help me….

    • natraj
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      If 'Attend HRM' is not opened for some days, you need to do the following two things to import data to attendance:

      1. Refresh 'AttendHRM Communicator' which is available at the bottom right of the taskbar(i hope you did this already). This will import data from 'Time Attendance' device into 'Time Registration' data.

      2.Open 'Attend HRM' by entering username and password. Now open 'Attendance' screen from 'Attendance' module. This will import 'Time Registration' data into 'Attendance' data.

      Thats it, all the attendance data will be imported and you can go ahead for the reports.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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