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    • Vinod
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      I have question about Professional Tax (PT). How can i deduct Professional Tax according to the Govt. slab. Where do i define the PT slab and how????

      Plz Help

    • natraj
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      Hi Vinod,
          Defining 'Professional Tax' slab as per government rule is pretty simple in 'Attend HRM'. Just click 'Professional Tax' button under 'Salary' module. A form will be opened. There u can create a professional tax group by selecting the state. Slab as per the selected state government rule will be shown by default. But the user can change the slab, if required.
        After creating the PT group, the salary group has to be created. When assigning the formula for salary head 'professional tax', select the PT group which you created. Once you did this, process the salary, 'Professional Tax' will be deducted as per the slab that you defined in the PT group.
        Government forms for Professional Tax(Form 9A, Form 5 & Form 5A) and also a monthly report of PT details are available in salary reports.

        A detailed screenshot is attached for your reference…



    • Vinod
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      Thanks a lot MR. Nataraj
      That was really helpful, I have define d the Pt Groups and also selected in Salary Group. Now it is working fine.
      Thanks again

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