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    • Biju
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      The payroll module is designed with at most flexibility. The module can be customized as per your requirements. The basic payroll features can be used all across the world, also satisfies Indian payroll and salary requirements. The payroll module is seamlessly integrated with the attendance module, which enables you to process payroll with attendance information.



      User-defined Salary Heads


      User can define any number of salary heads as per his requirement.<br/><br/>




      User-defined Salary Structure


      Also, the user can define different salary structures for different set of employees.<br/><br/>




      User-defined Formulae


      User can define his own formula with the formula editor. Formula editor allows you to create complex mathematical formulas also with system defined variables, attendance types and salary heads.<br/><br/>



      One Step Salary Processing

          [td]Salary processing is easy and doesn

    • Srinidhi
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      New feature in Salary Settings

      Now you can display non payslip components in payslip too. That would be really useful if you are entering the days worked for employees

      manually into a formula. So now you can display the days worked in the payslip!

      Hope that helps many.


    • natraj
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      Some more features are:

      Multiple Currency              User can define different currency for different set of employees

      Emailing Payslips              Payslips can be emailed to all/selected employees

      Payslip with YTD              Payslip report with YTD(Year-To-Date)

      Professional Tax              User can create any number of PT group for different state(s) by defining the slab

Viewing 2 reply threads
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